Passenger Information

Pick-Up Window

Passengers need to be ready for the bus at the designated pick-up time given by the dispatcher.  The bus will generally pick up riders not later than 10 minutes after the designated pick-up time. For example, if the pick-up time is 12:00, the bus should arrive not later than 12:10. This should allow enough time for delays in traffic, weather, and other pick-ups and drop offs.

Bus Wait Time

It is important to be ready for the bus a few minutes prior to your pick-up time.  When the bus arrives, the driver will wait approximately three minutes.  After waiting three minutes, the driver will call dispatch and then leave to continue the route. Dispatch will then document the passenger as a no-show.

No Show Policy

A “no-show” means…
  • Not being at the designated pick-up point during the 10-minute window.
  • Not riding after the bus shows up for a pick-up within the 10-minute window.
  • Not canceling a scheduled pick-up time.
  • Failure to board the bus within three minutes of the arrival of the bus within the 10-minute window.

Passengers who no-show on the outgoing portion of the trip will have the return trip as well as any other portions of that trip automatically canceled.  The passenger must call into dispatch if the return ride is still needed.

No Show Appeals Process

Passengers who accumulate three documented no-shows within a 30-day period will receive a warning letter from the Transit office.  The letter will allow passengers an opportunity to appeal any of the no-shows listed to the Transit Appeals Committee.  Riders may appeal any no-show by writing a letter providing all pertinent information regarding the disputed no-shows(s) within five working days to:

Transit Alternatives Inc.
1225 N Tower Road
Fergus Falls, MN  56537

Within five working days of the Transit Alternatives Inc. receipt of the written appeal, passengers will receive a written notice from the Transit Alternatives Appeals Committee of the results.

Passengers will be suspended from Transit Alternatives Transit service if they accumulate a fourth no-show within 30 days of the receipt of the warning letter, if there is not an appeal in process, or the appeal has been denied.  The suspension will be effective 30 days from the date of the suspension notification.

Seat Belt Policy

Transit Alternatives requires all transit drivers and passengers to wear seat belts at all times. 

Fare Collection Procedure

All passengers must provide a fare.  This may be in the form of a punch pass, cash, or check.  DRIVERS NEVER CARRY CHANGE! All fares will be deposited into the fare box.  Transit Alternatives personnel will exchange fare boxes.

Passenger Guidelines

  • Riders must respect the driver, fellow passengers, and bus.
  • No fighting, harassment, intimidation, or horseplay is allowed.
  • No eating, drinking, or using tobacco or drugs is allowed.
  • No weapons or gang activity are allowed on the bus.
  • Passengers may not play audio or music without using headphones.
  • Riders and Drivers must respect the requirements of those with special needs.
  • Exact amount of change or punch pass value is required.
  • Drivers do not carry change and will accept whatever bill is given as a donation to Transit.
  • Riders must be ready to board when the bus stops.
  • Riders must stay in their seat until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Passengers are required to wear seat belts according to Minn Statute 169.686
  • Passengers are to be respectful of others and driver when wearing any type of perfume or scented products.
  • Transit Alternatives allows passengers to carry up to four bags or parcels on the bus.  Please avoid blocking the aisle.
  • Bikes and other large items are not allowed on the bus.
  • No automobile batteries, flammable liquids, or hazardous materials are allowed on the bus.
  • Oxygen tanks are not permitted on the bus unless they are securely attached to a wheelchair or walker.