Student Information Form

New in 2018

To the parents of preschool riders:


As the school year approaches, we at Transit Alternative will be implementing a change in how you may pay to have your child transported to and from preschool Starting this school year, we will no longer be using the $15,00 punch cards as we have in the past years. Our new system of payment will be as follows:


Parents must pre-pay in advance in our office located at 1225 No Tower Road, Fergus Falls, MN. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. For questions, please contact Becky Nelson or Kitty Davis at 218-998-3002.


This should make it simpler for your child, as they no longer need to carry a punch card.


2018 Monthly Rates

To and From School

4 days per week — $40.00


3 days per week — $30.00


2 days per week — $20.00


One Way

4 days per week — $20.00


3 days per week — $15.00


2 days per week — $10.00


PLEASE NOTE: When dropping off children at home or daycare, we ask that someone make their presence known to the driver that it is okay to leave the site.


Register Your Child

Parents can fill out the form below to schedule transportation for their child.  Please, parents, be advised that because we are public transit it is our policy that we cannot transport your child unsupervised if they are under the age of 4 years old.


Children will not be transported until this document is signed and returned to Transit Alternatives. 


Home Address

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Pick Up Location


Return Pick Up Address


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Use your cursor (or your finger on mobile) to sign below:

PLEASE NOTE: Children must be 4 years of age or older to ride the bus.


Transit can be up to 10 minutes early and/or 10 minutes late picking up or dropping off your child. Please expect a small variance in time as we will be adjusting the schedule the first few weeks of school. Transit will only wait 3 minutes for the child to board the bus as a courtesy for all the other children and riders.


Please call the Transit office at 218-998-3002 to cancel if your child is not riding.


It is our policy that when dropping a child off a responsible adult must make their presence known to the driver before the driver can leave the child.


If you have any questions, please call Kitty Davis, Supervisor, or Becky Nelson, Scheduler, at 218-998-3002.